Custom Design Services

Not only can Tim Fairbanks Design provide you with custom visual and drill design, but also world class choreography and production service. Your service will be tailored to your program with staging that meets the needs of your program size and orchestration, and content that meets the ability of your performers. Don't use pre-packaged programs that mismatch the abilities and orchestration of your ensemble. Let's maximize the opportunity of your performers and showcase their abilities and talents.

Visual Design

Utilizing the most cutting edge iterations of Pyware visual design software, Tim Fairbanks Design will provide you with Charts, Coordinates, and 3D Animation Videos for your students to learn from.  No more visualization from the charts... you'll see everything in your show (including props, tarps, costumes, etc) ahead of time and you will save hours of teaching time with the tools that we provide you and your students.  From some of the best groups in WGI, BOA, and DCI to the smaller programs looking for their own great visual identity, Tim Fairbanks Design will elevate you and your group to a new level!


Program Coordination

Getting the show 'just right' isn't only about having a perfect first draft, it's also about continually refining and producing the moments that you have in order to maximize the effectiveness and clarity of the program.  Tim Fairbanks Design can help set your group up for success by Coordinating the program from the start and then providing insight on how to improve the show throughout the year. Request a quote for pricing to get started right away. 



There is more to great visual design than just the 'dots'. Increased visual vocabulary is the norm now and Tim Fairbanks Design can help you with the choreography needed to take your show to the next level. We will provide you with an on-site choreographer or send videos with the detailed choreography explained so you can teach your students at your own pace. Prices vary by geographic region, number of counts, complexity, etc so request a quote to get started!

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